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File Sharing Module Added to Flexsite CMS
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FlexSite CMS has added a file sharing system to the most recent software release.  This utility allows users to store files and collaborate through a user-friendly GUI included in the content management system.

Online file collaboration is one of the most functional modules that has been added to FlexSite CMS in 2014.  Modeled after desktop-based file management systems, this module offers the following utilities:

  • Full customization of sharing rights by individual user
  • Creation of public and private folders
  • Customizable views included
  • Ability to create file trees (folders within folders)All standard desktop-based utilities (right-click enabled)Ability to compress (.ZIP) files

Any organization looking for cloud-based file storage can utilize the FlexSite CMS file sharing module to safely store data accessed by any number of users.  Full permissions, read-only permissions or anything in between can be given to those accessing the system to ensure files are accessed appropriately by all members of the organization.


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