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User Management

easily create, modify & disable web admin(s)

In FlexSite CMS, there is no limit to the number of admins that can access the system (although fewer can often be a better option). 

Any current admin can open editing access to other users by simply creating a user record in the system. 

Upon creation of the record, FlexSite CMS initiates an email to the new user that provides them with a login ID (their email address) as well as a temporary password (which is changed to something familiar upon first login to the system).

Once created, admins can enter the system and edit/modify content - activity is tracked on the back end of FlexSite CMS to show when last login for each admin was recorded.

Email address is utilized for login ID to ensure all are unique and on file - and used for 'forgot password' feature that appears on login screen.


  • Quickly create admin access

  • No limit to admin users
  • Easy password retrieval


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