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Support Tickets

get questions answered from online support portal

FlexSite CMS offers a support portal built into the content managment system that allows users to quickly request support by submitting tickets through an easy-to-use interface.  Click a button, fill out a form and submit the ticket - it's that simple.  All tickets are stored and tracked so users can see who is taking care of the request, when tickets were opened and when they were completed.

In addition to submitting support tickets, FlexSite CMS support module offers some additional tools to help organize information, which are:

Announcements area allows web admin(s) to post updates, articles and other general announcements that will be available to users upon login.  This area of the support module allows for all formatting, file attachments and other functionality available in FlexSite CMS.

Accounts area provides a utility in which web admin(s) can store passwords.  The accounts area allows admins to store username / password & notes on each account.  FlexSite CMS users typically utilize this area to store passwords related to web services such as social media, newsletter services, etc.


  • Submit support tickets with ease

  • Track requests through online dashboard

  • Utilize password keeper & announcement features


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