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Property Management

fully integrated property listing system

FlexSite CMS contains a property management module with a fully integrated property listing system. 

The FlexSite CMS property management module allows users to manage a portfolio of properties that are integrated directly into the public website. 

This module contains the following features:

  • Complete listing information such as property type, address, availabilities, etc.
  • Ability to showcase multiple images and/or other files.
  • Integrated w/ Google Maps to produce property maps automatically.
  • Ability to print marketing package and/or email property from online interface.
  • Ability to share across social networks.
  • Compatible with phones & tablets.

The FlexSite CMS property management module is useful to residential and commercial real estate professionals who would like to manage and market their properties online. 

to view an example of this module.



  • Showcase properties within your website.

  • Market properties through printable PDFs or email delivery.

  • Share property information across social media.


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