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If specified in a PO, Consultant may in exceptional cases be eligible for a Project Bonus. This Schedule describes Project Bonuses and lists the criteria for eligibility. For the avoidance of doubt, the payment and determination of any Project Bonus to Consultant is at the sole and absolute discretion of PMI.

Consultant is reminded of its obligations pursuant to Section 10.3 of this Agreement which applies to payment of Rewards:

Consultant shall issue a certificate of compliance, in the form specified in Schedule 4, with respect to:

  1. payment of Rewards.


  2. A Project Bonus may be payable at the successful conclusion of complex, long-term investigative projects (i.e. several years). These activities may include:

    • Providing tangible evidence concerning the Illicit Product Trade which leads to the law enforcement authorities conducting an investigation of an Illicit Product Operator, key suspects or networks;
    • Assisting law enforcement authorities in specific investigations;
    • Information provided by Consultant which leads to the arrest of key suspects and/or the laying of charges against them and/or convictions of such persons by a court of law; and/or
    • Assistance by Consultant which leads to the cessation of activities by an Illicit Product Operator, key individuals or networks involved in the Illicit Product Trade.

    The activities covered by a Project Bonus shall be developed on a case-by-case basis by PMI in conjunction with Consultant.


  4. A Project Bonus, or a proportion thereof, may be payable for completion of certain milestones as developed on a case-by-case basis by PMI in conjunction with Consultant. These milestones may include:

    • Lawful acquisition of information;
    • Timely delivery of information to PMI;
    • Interpretation and analysis of information;
    • Development and exploitation of information;
    • Definition of objective and positive identification of key targets;
    • Coherent and comprehensive reporting to an evidential standard; and/or
    • Coordination with and effective handover of information to law enforcement authorities.

    In determining the amount of any discretionary Project Bonus, PMI’s considerations may include:

    • Importance and value of the investigation to PMI;
    • Complexity of the investigation;
    • Difficulty of operational environment;
    • The extent to which Consultant anticipates potential exposure risks and proposes solutions;
    • The extent to which Consultant anticipates enforcement issues;
    • Sustainability of evidence provided; and
    • Duration of project and total project costs.