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Invoice Requirements

All invoices from vendors require the following information:

  1. Complete vendor name and address

  2. Unique invoice number and invoice date

  3. Purchase Order number

  4. Description of goods or services provided (e.g., Monthly fees for January yyyy – Project Vodka)

  5. Date or time period during which the services were provided

  6. Details of disbursements

  7. Details of any payments to third parties, including payments to Sources and Subcontractors

  8. A certification including the following language, “The Project Fee includes payments to the following Subcontractors identified in PMI’s written consent dated [DD/MM/YYYY] in the following amounts: [identify subcontractor (if any) and amounts paid]. I hereby certify that no other payments were made in connection with the Services to any other third parties not identified in this invoice.”

  9. Total amount due and currency

  10. Payment terms and bank information

  11. PMI billing address:

    Philip Morris Entity/Affiliate
    VAT Registration Number: ____________ (should be included on invoices containing VAT)
    Attention: ___________
    Contact: (EA/ITP Manager’s name, responsible for the Project)

  12. Invoices should be sent to:

    By post:
    Philip Morris Entity or Regional Finance Center

    Or by courier:
    Philip Morris Entity or Regional Finance Center

  13. When applicable, include:
    • third-party invoices for reimbursable expenses and/or timesheets
    • local VAT

It is acceptable for information provided on the invoice to be relatively general in nature so long as it accurately identifies the goods or services for which PMI is being invoiced. However, information must be specific when it involves government officials and identify the individuals involved, related activities, and specific amounts being charged to PMI per official/per occasion.