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We hereby certify that [Consultant Name] did not and shall not make any payments or provide anything of value (or make any offers to do so) to any Government Official (as defined below) on behalf of, for the benefit of, or in connection with any services provided to Philip Morris International or any of its affiliates (collectively referred to as “PMI”) pursuant to Purchase Order #........ (or in connection with any service provided to PMI during the period covered by that Purchase Order), without the prior written approval of PMI.

The term “Government Official” means any officer or employee of, or person acting on behalf of (i) a government or one or more of its department, agencies, or Government Instrumentalities, or (ii) a Public International Organization; or any official party or candidates for political office. Note that in some contexts, interactions with close family members of a Government Official may be treated as interaction with that Government Official.


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