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secure product sales, registrations & donations online

FlexSite CMS offers a feature-rich, scalable eCommerce module for organizations looking to participate in the transactional online marketplace.  There are three (3) major components to the eCommerce module of FlexSite CMS which are:

Online Selling Component

The online selling component is the area in which traditional commerce is set up.  Users have the ability to categorize products by category, size, color, etc.  This component also includes the ability to plug into standard shipping services as well as create promotional codes and use dynamic or custom tax tables.  The online selling component is perfect for any organization looking to participate in eCommerce by selling products online.

Donation Component

FlexSite CMS eCommerce module includes a component that allows the website to solicit and process donations.  This component is perfect for non-profit organizations or anyone looking to participate in secure, online fundraising through donations. 

Event Registration

The eCommerce of FlexSite CMS offers secure event registration.  This component allows site visitors to register for events that have a fee associated to them.  This component is perfect for continued education classes, fundraising events or any other gathering that requires a participation fee.



  • Participate in the online marketplace
  • Process secure transactions online
  • Multiple utilities availabe


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