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Stylesheet Manager

customize the look of your website with the style sheet manager

Customizing the look of your website is easy when you use the Style Sheet Manager. For design elements you want to stay consistent throughout your site, you can indicate specifications in a style sheet , instead of manually changing every element on each individual page. Changes you make to the style sheets will appear across your website, making style changes for fundamental design elements fast and simple.

A style sheet allows you to change the style on an individual page. If you have webpages that you want to differ in style from the rest of the site, you would edit the internal style sheet, which would then reflect changes only on that specific page.

Flexsite starts you out with a variety of options to help define the style of your site. These default style sheets can be edited but not deleted. Examples of elements in the default style sheets include:
  • Horizontal line rule
  • Hyperlinks
  • List items
  • Fonts (style, color, size)
  • Headers and footers
You can also add custom CSS styles to give you greater design flexibility. There are lots of options for creating a unique look on your website using custom CSS styles, from creating rounded corners on page borders to altering the spacing between letters or words.


  • Changes styles sitewide
  • Greater design flexibility
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