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engage site visitors with dynamic, interactive content

FlexSite slideshows provide the most deep offering of animation and engagement available in a content management system (CMS) today.

The slideshow utility in FlexSite CMS utilizes jQuery - a fast, feature-rich JavaScript library that makes text, image and animation display simple through a CMS dashboard. 

Another benefit of jQuery - animation on mobile devices and tablets (which is not available with Flash).

FlexSite slideshows allow web admins to build dynamic slideshows with the following features:

  • Layered images allowing for multiple animations
  • 99 two-dimensional slide transitions
  • 99 three-dimensional slide transitions
  • Text-based or image based content (static or animated)
  • Date range feature to enable/disable sliders
  • Random content option to create unique user experience on each visit
  • Ability to copy existing slideshows for quick editing.
  • Time-delayed content display
  • and more

FlexSite slideshow technology offers admins the ability to create engaging animations - using technology that will animate on mobile devices.



  • Create engaging animations to educate, illustrate & sell

  • Technology works seamlessly on mobile devices & tablets

  • Initiate date-based campaigns with multiple slideshows


FlexSite - Slideshow