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Meta Tags

provide information about your website with meta tags

Meta Tags provide information about your website but don’t display to visitors or change the way your website looks or operates. They are primarily used by search engines to place your website accurately within their indices. If your content and your Meta Tags are well matched, your site will rank accurately with search engines. Advanced Meta Tag settings can be used for search engine optimization (SEO), or as a tool for getting your website to rise to the top of a web search.

In Flexsite, you can create Meta Tags automatically as you build your site, including:
  • Meta Tag Page Title
  • Meta Tag Keywords
  • Meta Tag Description
These are used to describe your site to search engines and to accurately place your site within their indices.

To further improve how search engines index your site you can employ additional Meta Tag options including (but not limited to):
  • Resource-type
  • Distribution
  • Robots
  • Revisit-after
  • Rating
It’s crucial to represent your website truthfully when using Meta Tags. Currently, many search engines rely more heavily on content for ranking, but even the search engines that continue to reference Meta Tags require a good match between published content and Meta Tag information.


  • Enhances SEO with individual META tags
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