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Landing Pages

an effective way to build online presence with search engines

Gaining maximum exposure from search engines is difficult and landing pages offer creative ways to get the attention of search engines by using content-rich pages with specific URLs (highlighting key terms).

Landing pages serve as an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and/or supplements to individual marketing campaigns by creating a 'family' of websites related to the product and/or service offerings of a specific organization.

Landing pages are term-specific URLs that are built with URL-specific content and are built to drive traffic in one of the following ways:

  • Organic traffic from organic search
  • Paid traffic from sponsored search

An example of a landing page is  This page is a landing page for (which is the main website). 

Typing the search term 'Cincinnati PEO' yields the the following results:



  • Create a family of content-rich websites noticed by search engines

  • Build search engine rankings

  • Direct PPC traffic to appropriate, individual URLs


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