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Include Files

easily share content and utilities across multiple pages

FlexSite CMS creates efficiency in design through the use of Include Files.  An include file is a single file that is created one time and used throughout the website in multiple places.  Include files contain information that are shared throughout the website, but managed from a single source.

Take the following example to illustrate the usefulness of this utility:

Imagine a website in where there is a list of industries that are served by the organization.  The web designer creates a list of industries that live on 6 pages.  If the organization begins offering services to a new industry, they would have to update this list on all six pages. 

Include files allow the designer to only update this information in one place and have it automatically append the additional pages.


  • Manage repeated content in a single source.

  • Share content across an entire website from a single file.

  • Access feature though intuitive and user-friendly GUI.


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