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Web Development

Image Rollovers

interactive way to highlight links or change images

Image rollovers can add a degree of interactivity to online content.  The functionality of image rollovers is to display a different image when the mouse is moved over an image to call attention to the image.

Some standard ways this utility is used can be as follows:

  • Invert colors to call attention to an image and engage the web visitor(s)
  • Create rollover images with a call to action (many times will have text change to 'learn more' or 'click here'
  • Use rollover for before/after images
  • Fit additional content into smaller spaces with image swapping

Image rollovers create unique content display and are appropriate for a variety of applications.



  • Build interactive images

  • Utilize image swapping to save space
  • Engage users with increased interactivity


FlexSite - Image Rollover