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Form Builder

build interactive forms quickly & with ease

The form builder feature of FlexSite is one of the most utilized feature in the system as well as one of the most functional.

Form builder utility allows for on-the-fly creation of web forms.  In addition to creating interactive web forms, form builder offers options to create thank you pages (i.e. pages that are displayed after form is submitted) as well as thank you messages (i.e. email message delivered upon submission of form). 

Form builder can be used to create more than just standard contact forms as the utility contains a variety of field types including:

  • Standard short, long & multi-line text fields
  • Drop-down lists (with or w/o check-boxes)
  • Calendar / Time choosing
  • Rating (for use with surveys)
  • File uploads
  • Conditional sending
  • and more!

FlexSite form builder allows websites to gather information, conduct surveys and capture the attention of site visitors through interactive web forms.



  • Create web forms in minutes without programming experience

  • Build customer surveys, signup forms & more (including file submission)

  • Initiate automated emails and landing pages from each form


FlexSite Form Builder