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Data Elements

keep your site content organized with data elements

Data Elements are the visual components that give your site structure and help determine how visitors will access information. Under Data Elements you’ll create the following aspects of your site:
  • The header, which is present on every page of your site.
  • The footer/subfooter(s), which can be present on every page of your site, shown only on the home or disabled completely.
  • The homepage:  The starting place for most visitors when they first encounter your site.
These pages are presented upon user request but otherwise don’t automatically appear to all visitors on your site.
  • Login page
  • Update password page
  • Search results
  • Blog unsubscribe
  • 404 error - page not found
The blog introduction page is where readers of your blog can find out more about your organization and the main concept behind your blog.



  • Organizes different sections of your site content

  • Customizable to meet specific needs
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